Plans & Reports

Plans for the identification and conservation of rare, threatened and endangered species

Lalan Rubbers is of the firm belief that the conservation of biodiversity, including the services and products that natural habitats provide to human society is fundamental to our vision of long-term sustainable development

Loss of natural habitats is considered & recognized as an imperative threat to the biodiversity, in turn undermining the prosperity of vulnerable communities directly dependent on those resources. Lalan Rubbers actively promotes the protection, maintenance and rehabilitation of natural habitats and their ecological functions with the assistance of the stakeholders.

The scholars from University of Peradeniya, Sri-Lanka were employed for the purpose of identification of the flora in the permanent sample plots and fauna in the area of the plantation. The University research team was able to identify the rare , threatened & endangered (RTE) species declared by IUCN red list in the area at the completion of their conducted survey. All data collected by the hired professionals on the these species including knowledge of their habitats and means of protecting them have been imparted to the plantation managers, workers of the plantation, neighboring community and Government representatives through meetings & awareness programs conducted with the assistance of relevant experts.

Environmental impact assessment

An environmental impact assessment was conducted by professionals hired from Land Use Policy Planning division in Kegalle & University of Peradeniya , Sri-Lanka. The company has taken the recommendation submitted under advisement & will assure necessary funds are segregated & available in the annual budget for implementation.

Social impact assessment

The company has completed a social impact assessment and is in the process of minimizing the negative impacts and increasing positive impacts according to the findings of the study. The study also indicated that the workers are provided with more welfare such as housing , toilets & maintenance of road conditions from the estate Management. The villagers living by the estates are benefitted by the maintenance of roads , donations for the Kovils etc., The company is taking preventive measures to minimize identified problems such as hunting.

Forest Management Unite (FMU) Management Plan

The company has developed the Forest Management Unite (FMU) Management Plan for the period of 2018 – 2022 in line with FSC™ standard requirements and company adopted policies and procedures. The management plan is amended where and when necessary.